Dynamic balancing system for motorbike wheels

Current dynamic wheel balancers for motorbikes are based on car wheel balancers with the addition of an adapter, they are heavy, expensive and not very accurate.

Currently, even in MotoGP world championship races, motorbike wheels are only balanced statically and manually, through trial and error. A high performance motorbike wheel is wide and needs to be dynamically balanced, a static balancing may even increase the dynamic imbalance.

The Nazca electronic balancer has the following features:

  • It is a small electronic sensor that is assembled on a manual balancing stand.
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Autonomous, no power supply required, battery operated.
  • APP
  • Wireless communication (bluetooth) for displaying results on a mobile phone, tablet or PC.
  • Very high accuracy, better than 1 gram and 1°.