Real-time wireless torque and power sensor on a motorbike

The project consists of a sensor located in the sprocket carrier of the rear wheel of a motorbike. It measures the power and torque that the bike is transmitting to the ground in real time. The measured parameters are transmitted to the bike’s ECU, also in real time. The equipment has already been tested by Honda on the UK test bench and on the track.


Traction control

Traction control is, together with ABS, a fundamental element in rider safety as it prevents accidents resulting from loss of rear wheel traction. The advantage over current systems is that this device is much more precise as it is a direct measurement. Current control systems make an estimation based on other indirect measurements, measuring the difference in speed of the front and rear wheel.

Torque and power measurement

Real-time torque measurement helps greatly to improve the performance of the bike by analysing the torque produced by each change in the bike’s subsystems, as they are all reflected in this measurement. It is the equivalent, in terms of measurement capability, to a dyno.